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September 2022 – February 2023 Cashmere Catch Up

We returned home to Cashmere, WA after our amazing adventure sailing to Alaska to a very overgrown lawn and yard (those hollyhocks were 12' high!) and an orchard bursting with fruit. Harvest was just getting underway on our apples as the pears had already been harvested. Many people have asked us where our fruit goes, and the answer varies from a regional store like Fred Meyer or Safeway -- to a local fruit market in Southeast Asia or Mexico or even to a Costco or Sam’s Club anywhere in the world. So, the next time you pick out a Bartlett pear or a Honeycrisp apple it may have been grown right here at our place!

Fall was lovely, as always, in the valley and we had an abrupt introduction to winter with a big cold snap and snow that left all the leaves frozen to the trees! Our little snow blower got quite a workout and our shoveling skills have improved too. We enjoyed visits from Tom Perham and John Maloney. Winter is a magical time in our area as tourists flock to nearby Leavenworth and the rest of us just live and drive in snow like no big deal. After living on the westside of the mountains it is so amusing to watch Seattle and Portland shut down at the threat of 1” of snow.

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