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We last left you in Toad River, BC on our way to catch the ferry in Skagway to get to our destination in Wrangell, AK. We had stops in Teslin, YT on our way and also visited Carcross, YT on our way to Skagway AK. A circuitous route to be sure.

Carcross is a charmer of a little town but appears to cater to the cruise ship visitors who arrive by bus from Skagway - which makes sense for their economy.

We spent the night in Skagway - a cruise ship hub - and boarded our ferry for Wrangell making stops in Haines, Juneau, Sitka and Petersburg before we arrived to greet our own little boat. She had fared very well over the winter here - however we needed to make some improvements to get underway. Our new Starlink has made life on board connected!

We have spent the last 5 or so weeks refitting several aspects of the boat - woodworking projects, engine projects, unexpected projects and more.

Since Wrangell is an island, parts are hard to come by and we waited 4 weeks for a little (expensive) engine part for our Yanmar engine.

We also had time to really explore the island. Hiking, lakes, local parks and rec activities and many other pastimes to be had in this mostly rainy, but sometimes sunny and lovely setting! Oh - and crawling in and around the engine is fun too.

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Jul 14, 2023

Love the animals photos! I miss Alaska!!

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