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We started our 4th of July @ 6 AM with a challenge: engine did not turn over. At all. Called US Boat (our tow insurance) and they said if they sent a tow it would be from Juneau and at least a few days out. Long story short - the ingenious captain used his innate skills and some YouTube videos to trouble shoot and it worked!

WHEW! We made our way in sunny calm conditions to Baranof Warm Springs and it was packed full of boats. We anchored in Wooden Cove and planned to dingy to shore to the warm springs in the morning - however when we awoke, a mid size cruise ship had pulled in and was transporting hundreds to shore. We skipped it and headed into choppy seas going north. We anchored in Ell Cove which was calm, sunny and lovely.

We took the dingy to a sandy beach for Coco to play and had a blast collecting huge shells and walking the beach until Allan found some pretty big bear tracks. Allan quickly took us back to the boat and back to fishing. Fun adventures!

Back at Ell Cove, the boat anchored next to us was David Alford (c) his brother (r) and friend (l) from Ireland - we had met them in Wrangell! They invited us over for drinks so after an afternoon of fishing we enjoyed their company and hospitality.

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