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Rain, swells and chop give way to hummingbirds at Sunset Beach

The Straits of Georgia are the major body of water between Nanaimo and the Gulf Islands and they were anything but straight the day we crossed. Swirling winds and rough seas. Lumpy, swelly, and wind changing course all the time. Coco wasn’t happy, nor was the mate. What Cassie calls ‘terrifying’ Allan terms ‘medium’. But he has a lifetime of experience, and she is only in year fourteen of this kind of sailing roller coaster.

The VHF weather station informed us the small craft warning was increasing as a gale is coming, so the Captain ducked us into Jed Island for a few days on the hook to wait it out. We were greeted there by a break in the rain and a surprising swarm of hummingbirds – magical. After the quiet isolation of an anchorage, we traded that for the convenience of a marina in Westview near Powell River, BC. It is a constant challenge to get cell coverage and internet but this marina had it all – along with showers and nearby great restaurants. We dole out downloaded episodes of Ted Lasso like a rare treat.

We had intended to anchor at Goat Islands near Crease Island, but the bay was full of boats so we anchored between Maud and Fern Islands by ourselves. Allan was jigging for bottom fish when a 5’ halibut came to the surface and hung our below our dinghy. He quit fishing since that monster was bigger than any of our rods could have handled. Maybe 80 – 100 lbs. Wow!

The people we’ve met along the way have been among the greatest benefits of our slow-paced journey north along with that one grizzly bear, whales, a prehistoric looking 5’ halibut, adorable sea otters and joyfully playing dolphins swimming along the boat.

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