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Summer Solstice downpour turns to actual sunny days of summer and ling cod

Johnstone Strait was calm – much more so than the two other times we go through. Allan threw his rod out at the Broken Islands in Havannah Channel near West Cracroft Island and caught a 10+ lb ling cod - Dinner! While waiting to time Chatham Channel correctly at a very rainy first day of summer anchorage near Warren Islands, we spotted our first bear on shore, a grizzly combing the beach for snacks.

Next, Lagoon Cove was a sunny, quirky and fun place, packed full of boats and we met some neat cruisers who we’d stay in touch with over the next few weeks and hopefully beyond. We arrived in Lagoon Cove after transiting Chatham Channel which had some swirls, but not considerable problems for us. Docks were full with mostly very large power boats so we anchored out in the lagoon. Took the dinghy to shore and had read about the happy hour in the workshop, so we came prepared with appetizers and drinks, but learned that gathering was really for moored customers. Cassie burned our paper trash here in a burn barrel and Allan walked Coco around. Something we always have to think about - garbage. There are very few places to get rid of trash. So much plastic and packaging.

We took Coco on a dingy trip to run around a barnacle covered island – she had a ball but did cut a paw pad on a shell. Saltwater heals. We were invited over to Ian’s boat, Lolani, a 60+’ Nordhavan motor-sailor - for dinner with Janet and Heather on Jamma and Heather a single hander on Toucana. We provided a spinach salad and Ian grilled burgers. Great time meeting people, enjoying a glass of wine and beautiful sunsets here!

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