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Icebergs ho and four glorious days of Summer

We headed out of Petersburg after nearly a week of boat projects and the ease of marina life. Headed to Ruth Cove in Thomas Bay and the views were spectacular along the way and even more stunning upon arrival.

Our first encounter with icebergs was enchanting. It looked like a floating castle. The skies were blue and the weather was actually lovely, so did we follow the National Geographic boat and take the dingy to shore and hike up to the waterfall? Or did we explore the hundreds of bald and golden eagles around the bay? No. No, we did not. We have been waiting for more than one day of dry weather and with its arrival we sanded, caulked and painted the topsides of the boat. Not fun, but necessary and great to have at least one coat done. More to do but this was a great start.

Extraordinary sunset led to a huge full moon. Stars were abundant and the Milky Way was visible even with the bright moon but alas it was too cold (41 degrees!) outside to stay up for Perseid meteors. We motored across Thomas Bay (after a hitch with the engine not starting) and found significant current in the bay which made an interesting journey. About six hours later, we fished for a while around the entrance and then anchored in Portage Bay for the night. Fourth consecutive day of sunshine (a record) so we put a coat of varnish (Cetol) on the top rail wood all around the decks.

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