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A glorious Summer vacation

After the gale force storm passed, we departed Portage Bay and made our way back to our favorite port in Petersburg on August 18th. We initially told Glo, the Harbormaster, we would stay two nights. Then the sunshine came out of hiding.

With several days of dry weather forecast, we decided to do our needed boat maintenance and stay here. The Port gave us a monthly discount rate so we are here until the end of August. Did I mention the pastries at the Salty Pantry? OK maybe that is why we stayed.

We have sanded, caulked and painted the window frames, topsides and chimney areas of the boat and added a full coat of varnish to the top rails and the bowsprit.

Allan got a quote from a diver to change the zincs near the prop and he decided to don his scuba gear and do it himself. The water in a marina is – you might say – less than fresh and this marina is surrounded by fish processing plants. What a brave man.

What a welcome and lovely week of sun. Coco runs at the school every day and we bask in the healing warmth of being outside without four layers of rain gear. Allan has devised a fix for what we had thought for months was a broken water tank. Indeed, since we left in May we have used jugs of water from docks or our own rainwater catchment system for drinking, cooking, dishes and handwashing. As of today, the water tank is fully operational. Hooray!

The rain is back in time for the weekend (today is August 26) and we are missing a large storm blowing through here tomorrow safely tucked in to our slip for a few more days of projects.

Another benefit of being at harbor – we have enough signal to catch College Game Day and the start of collegiate football. Life is great - Go Cougs!

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